Workers’ Compensation Impact on Retail Workers

During the rush of the holidays, it’s likely that you’ll hear from a few of your clients regarding employee injuries. While most don’t associate retail with risky jobs, this industry is known for suffering slips, falls, and musculoskeletal injuries. As the busiest time of year approaches, it’s time to get familiar with the common claims that arise this time of year. As an experienced agent, you know that addressing these risks before they begin can minimize exposures, prevent Workers’ Compensation Insurance claims, and provide insight into how these injuries impact the retail industry.

Musculoskeletal injuries.

Musculoskeletal issues are among the most common injuries in retail. They are mostly caused by repetitive tasks such as scanning, typing, packing, and unpacking, and mostly affect tendons, ligaments, and joints. During the holiday rush, these motions can be amplified and put at-risk employees over the edge.

Insurance premium impact.

Agents understand how these injuries and claims can affect premiums. However, your clients might not understand just how much claims impact them. As Concentra states:

“In most states, employers are required to carry some form of workers’ compensation insurance. The rates for these insurance plans are often based in part upon your rate of injuries compared to the industry standard. Every single work-related injury will factor into the premiums that you pay. So, if you experience a spike in injuries, you will start to see a noticeable increase in your insurance costs. This is in addition to possible legal and medical fees. And this starts to have a ripple effect to other areas of your business.”

Preventing Exposures

Workers’ Compensation insurance is your client’s first line of defense in the event an employee became injured on site. Take it a step further and contact your retail clients today to ensure their coverage limits are adequate and their specific risk exposures are addressed within their policies.

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