What Your Clients Need to Know About Travel Insurance

Travel can be daunting for some. Leaving your home, spending inordinate amounts of money to visit a new place, staying in hotels, flying in planes or driving long distances – all of these factors can be prohibitive when there’s no guarantee that you’ll have a good time or even have the vacation at all after you planning and paying for it. If someone gets sick and can’t go, or worse, gets sick or injured on the trip and has to go to the hospital, not only can it ruin the mood of the vacation, it can be financially devastating for an individual or family.

That’s where travel insurance, sometimes called “trip insurance” or “holiday insurance” comes in. Many travel experts say no one should travel without this type of insurance, but consumers are sometimes skeptical about purchasing coverage from airlines, hotels or other travel companies. Sometimes these coverage options are also very limited, only covering very specific scenarios.

What Can Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance through a trusted insurance carrier can cover a wider variety of scenarios, and can also provide more customizable coverage limits. From lost or stolen luggage, to illness or injury, to a missing passport or even an unexpected natural disaster, travel insurance can offer serious peace of mind to a vacationer.

Coverage and premiums will depend on several factors. Age of travelers can affect premiums, as well as the length of the customer’s trip. Exclusions on the plan will have an effect on the premium as well; for example, natural disasters are commonly excluded, but coverage for them can be added for an extra cost. Below are some of the most common ways in which travel insurance benefits your clients.

Coverage for Expensive Electronics or Other Pricey Personal Belongings

Losing your laptop in Paris, having your cell phone stolen in Florida or finding out that your wedding ring slipped off your finger and into the Thames has the potential to completely ruin a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Agents need to make sure that the per-item limit on the policy will cover the items that will be taken on the trip.

Medical Issues

Medical issues are never ideal, but when someone is far from home and in a place where nothing is familiar, these issues can be downright scary. There are exclusions, such as pre-existing conditions or intoxication-related injuries, but most common medical scenarios are covered. If you slip down the stairs in snowy Norway and break your tailbone, you’ll definitely want insurance. Some policies can even be set up to cover repatriation (return to your home country) with a flight nurse and any rescue equipment you might need, which can cost upwards of $50,000 out of pocket and is normally not covered by basic health care plans.

Cancellations and Delays

What happens if the resort is destroyed in a hurricane? Or flights are delayed so much you miss most of your trip altogether? Or you get sick and are unable to travel at all? Travel insurance can often reimburse you for a portion of the trip, or help with the cost of rebooking so that more money isn’t lost.

When push comes to shove, traveling is supposed to be an adventure. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. Provide your customers with peace of mind and true relaxation on their adventure by showing them the benefits of travel insurance, so their worries can be left at home while they’re away.


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