What You Can Do to Help Your Clients Through the Claims Process

It’s easy for insurance agents to get caught up in the selling aspect of their job. After all, that’s the area from which they bring in the majority of their income. However, the quality with which an agent handles the claims process is just as important to their bottom line as selling policies and bringing in new customers. Although helping with claims is generally not technically in their job description, agents who have a strong understanding of claims and take the time to advise and help their clients through the process have better client retention rates than agents who just pass their clients off to adjusters.

There are a few ways in which insurance agents can help their clients through the claims process. Below are some tips for agents who are looking to improve the claims experience for their clients.

Make Yourself the Point of Contact

When a client has an insurance claim, it can sometimes be confusing for them just to find out who they need to speak with about it. Before a claim even occurs, let your clients know that they can reach out to you at any time about any insurance-related issues, including claims. It’s not uncommon for a client to be passed around to several different adjusters during the life of a claim, so having their agent involved throughout the entire process can help the client feel more supported.

Call Claims In

Most insurance companies direct clients to call into a service center to file their claim. However, many insurance agents happily call claims in on behalf of their clients. This gives clients more time to deal with the other aspects of their claim, like recovery – if someone was injured – or rebuilding/replacing property that was badly damaged.

Listen to and Support the Client

One of the number one complaints that customers have after going through the claims process is that they felt like the insurance company didn’t really care about them. It seems trivial, but claims usually occur after a physical loss, which means clients are typically in an emotionally sensitive state and then have to move forward with starting the claims process. Claims adjusters and insurance company representatives are tasked with gathering information and settling the claim quickly and efficiently, so they can easily come off as dry and uncaring in the eyes of the client. Insurance agents can step in, however, and take some time to listen to their client and give them a little emotional support. It could be something as simple as sending a sympathy card after a major loss, or just listening on the phone while the client vents, but a little gesture can go a long way in making the client feel cared about.

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