The Habits of Effective Insurance Agents

What are some of the things that make an insurance agent stand out from the rest of their colleagues? Marketing? Professionalism? Luck? Maybe a combination of all three? To be a successful and effective insurance agent, it’s all about the habits. All great insurance agents exhibit certain habits that help them consistently offer their clients top-notch service and allow them to achieve continued success. Below are some of the most common habits of effective insurance agents.

1. They’re Organized

In order to successfully manage a multitude of clients while also growing your client base and meeting your sales goals, you must be organized. Every moment of an agent’s time is valuable and must be treated as so. Agents who plan each day to the fullest and stay organized are more likely to be successful overall.

2. They’re Hardworking

Becoming an insurance agent requires more than just knowledge and certifications. Agents have to work hard and put in the hours in order to build a successful business. They have to be willing to spend the time doing the activities that aren’t as fun, like making cold calls and following any leads in order to reach as many potential customers as possible.

3. They Know How to Network

Networking within your local community is a key component of being a successful insurance agent. Whether you’ve been in the industry for decades, or you’re just starting out, networking is always a valuable tool for both marketing, improving your quality of service and establishing yourself as a local expert in the industry.

4. They Make Themselves Available

Clients want to know that they’re working with a person, not an answering machine or online chat robot. Questions and quotes are often time sensitive, and a potential client is likely to purchase from the agent that is easiest to get a hold of. That doesn’t mean agents have to make themselves available 24 hours a day, but it does suggest that agents get creative with how they connect with clients and potential clients. This can mean hiring a answering service, utilizing an auto-reply for emails and messages or joining additional social media sites to make you more accessible to clients and potential clients.

5. They Know the Market

Effective agents study the market, pay attention to changes and trends and then adapt their strategies accordingly. They also partner with insurance wholesalers in their market that have a proven track record of being reliable and profitable so that they can offer the top-tier products their clients are looking for.

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