Staffing Agency Strategies for Success

Protecting your client’s staffing agencies with a comprehensive Staffing Professional Liability Insurance is a given. Their unique risk profile sets them up for a variety of exposures, including lawsuits regarding employment practices, wrongdoing, negligence and more. However, a knowledgeable agent does more than just give their clients the best insurance, they provide insight into the industries they serve. If you’re just starting out an insurance agent or broker, use this list of best practices to familiarize yourself with the industry and pass along useful information to your clients.

Nurture client relationships.

Firms that work on building stronger candidate relationships will continue to be ahead of the new business development curve without exception. A firm loses approximately 15 percent of clients every year on average by “natural” attrition, says Career Builder. However, these statistics don’t have to hold true for every firm.

The experience and service that a staffing agency provides to its clients is the make or break for retention. In addition, happy clients serve as built in marketers for spreading recommendations to prospective clients.

Staffing agencies should tend to their clients, maintain positive relationships, and be proactive about resolving issues promptly to nurture the relationship.

Utilize technology.

Technology today has changed the sales landscape with a “no return” concept. Today’s client is savvier than ever. They take time to research, investigate, communicate and make educated decisions based on the intel they gather. It is no longer acceptable for a firm to expect the client or candidate to seek them out based on a few sales slicks or a couple of blog posts.

Do some research to find out where the clientele the agency wishes to acquire “live.” From social media to blog posts and community organizations, there are so many platforms to advertise services and acquire clients. However, do the research and target the audience so they don’t have to seek out the services they need.


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