Securing Commercial Buildings from a Natural Disaster

Recovering from a malicious employee or a slow week with few customers is one thing,  but recovering from a natural disaster can take significant time and resources. It is in your customers’ best interest to prepare their business beforehand for disasters such earthquakes, flooding, and hurricanes. Securing commercial buildings through proper communication and planning is what every business needs to quite literally weather the storm.  

Preparing Commercial Building for Natural Disasters

For your clients who own commercial buildings in federally declared disaster areas, they must secure their property by following these natural disaster recommendations.

Plan the Methods of Communications

Communication is a major key to success for any business in any industry. In the event of a natural disaster, communication takes on a level of even more importance. Your clients should plan accordingly and have an idea of how to communicate during and after a natural disaster.

If you are continuing operations, how do you inform your employees or your customers? Do you have all of their updated contact information? What if you need to transition to a remote work model temporarily? How will you keep all parties informed? Your clients must be able to answer these questions to secure their business.

Back-Up All Important Information

Flooding and fires can wreak untold devastation on commercial buildings, destroying the contents within. Your clients must have backups for all important business information such as insurance claims, payroll information, tax forms, and any other vital documents.

They should make physical copies of all their important information and securely store them off-site. Additionally, moving one’s data to the cloud is an even more viable and secure option.

Have an Emergency Operations Plan in Place

As mentioned earlier, being able to continue communications during and after a natural disaster is vital to business continuity. Furthermore, having an emergency operations plan in place will prevent total confusion from disrupting your clients’ businesses.

An emergency operation plan should outline how work responsibilities will be delegated to employees so that some semblance of operations can continue. Emergency kits should be fully stocked and in easy-to-access locations for employees. The plan should also outline how to safely evacuate the commercial building and what protocols to follow depending on the type of natural disaster.

Your clients’ employees should be well versed in their organizations’ emergency operations plan, especially during the hurricane and wildfire seasons.

Meet with an Insurance Advisor

Sometimes, no matter how well your clients may plan, natural disasters can still result in costly damage and business disruption. Encourage your clients to meet with you and review their company’s existing coverage.

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