Property Risks to Be Aware of This Hurricane Season

Summer is approaching, and while for many people that means that warm weather and relaxing days in the sun are approaching, it also signals the beginning of hurricane season. With hurricane season having officially begun on June 1st, it is crucial that clients in high-risk areas – particularly those on the Gulf Coast and in the South – be aware of the various risks associated with hurricanes and how they can protect themselves and their property. In addition, having a comprehensive Property Insurance policy that includes Windstorm Insurance will give them the peace of mind to enjoy the upcoming summer.

Heavy Rain

Unfortunately, the tides are not the only water levels rising during a hurricane or tropical storm; flooding is another common impact of hurricanes. Don’t think that you’ll be protected if you stay away from the coast: inland flooding has caused more deaths than storm surge has and can be devastating to unsecured property. Because of this, make sure that all clients – not just coastal ones – are adequately covered against flood damage this hurricane season.

Storm Surge

In addition to flooded homes and roads, hurricane rains also provide a threat to land residents through storm surge. Storm surge, defined by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as ocean water pushed ashore by strong winds, drastically increases the flood levels and can create immensely strong waves that can take out buildings and erode beaches and roads. As certain areas are particularly prone to being affected by storm surge, be aware of this as you evaluate your coastal property.

Wind Damage

Hurricanes and tropical storms are characterized by their strong winds, and these winds have the potential to cause a great deal of property damage. Even the most minor Category 1 hurricanes boast wind speeds of seventy miles per hour, which can cause heavy damage to unprotected roofing, siding, gutters, doors, and windows.

In addition to protecting their property with an insurance policy with added windstorm coverage, clients in hurricane-prone areas can reinforce their property and reduce wind damage with this advice from CNN:

  • As approximately 80% of hurricane wind damage starts in the garage, reinforce your garage with plywood or steel or look to replacing your existing door with special, impact-resistant garage doors.
  • If you do not have impact-resistant windows, reinforce all existing windows with storm shutters to protect against debris.
  • Reinforce your roof with adhesive to prevent the wind from tearing it away.
  • Inspect all trees near your home for signs of decay or damage, as falling trees can cause substantial damage.
  • Secure all outdoor furniture, equipment, accessories, and other objects.

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