AmSuisse: Keeping A Client’s Operation Humming with Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment Breakdown insurance has increasingly become an integral component of any sound business insurance program for many reasons. New technology is subject to breakdowns that can be more frequent and costly than traditional mechanical equipment; business practices, such as e-commerce and “just in time” inventory have made all businesses more dependent than ever on computer systems; and critical business information often exists only on the Internet, or in online databases, that cannot be access during periods of equipment breakdown.

AmSuisse understands the need to keep business equipment functioning properly in order to keep an operation running smoothly and to maintain a revenue stream. A breakdown could be a potentially devastating financial experience for your client.

Our Solutions

We offer the following specialty coverages as monoline policies through HSB, a company of Munich Re.

  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance: Covers the financial losses (property damage, business interruption, spoilage losses, and more) that stem from accidents to equipment.
  • Computer Systems Coverage: HSB Backup is a multi-peril insurance policy for computer systems that are vital to many businesses today.

The cost of Equipment Breakdown coverage depends on certain variables, such as the type of business, the type of equipment being using, and where the business is located. Our staff is available to discuss your client’s needs and provide you with a quote.