Preventing Coastal Property Damage: Tree Trimming

Hurricane Property Protection > Tree Maintenance

Preparing a coastal home for hurricane season is paramount in preventing damage. In addition to garage reinforcement and securing your windows and doors, it is important to trim and prune your residence’s trees. As loose branches can cause immense damage to a coastal property during a storm, the key to minimizing damage is being prepared. Share the following information with your clients and secure what is likely their largest investment with a comprehensive Property Insurance policy.

Tree pruning.

A strong, deep-rooted tree may not fall during a storm, but weak limbs in the canopy may. Broken, dead and damaged limbs can be torn from trees during a storm and turned into dangerous projectiles. Regular pruning done by a professional over the course of the tree’s life can create a sturdy, well-spaced framework of healthy branches with an open canopy that allows wind to flow freely through, explains SavATree.

Tree red flags.

The following types and conditions of trees should especially be pruned and tended to.

  • Dead trees
  • Trees with thick canopies and heavy branches
  • New trees that have recently been planted
  • Codominant trunked trees

Enlist the help of a professional.

Arborists can come out to prune trees that surround coastal properties. If the homeowner doesn’t have the experience required to safely do the job, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional rather than take a chance.

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