Minimizing Damage: Commercial Property Security in Hurricane Season

As business operators in the Gulf Coast, your clients are no strangers to the damages that hurricanes can present. High-risk coast properties face substantial threats when it comes to flooding, power outages, shattered windows and more. The best strategy for protecting a business during hurricane season is prevention and planning. In this series of articles, we’ll cover the most useful tips for securing a business and minimizing loss and damage. However, a Property Insurance policy, crafted specifically to address coastal building risks, is the first line of defense after a disaster.

Secure the exterior.

Outdoor amenities such as umbrellas, tables and chairs should be secured prior to the storm hitting. Heavy reinforcements should be used to secure these items to the ground, or at least brought inside. Remember, these items can become projectiles during the gusts of hurricane winds. Now is the time to invest in hurricane-proof windows and doors. Reinforcements are available at hardware stores for an inexpensive yet effective barrier between winds and the shop.

Install adequate drainage.

A professional drainage system redirects the flow of heavy rainfall and floodwaters so they do not threaten business structures, vehicles, and other areas of the commercial property. Without adequate drainage, water can quickly accumulate and cause widespread commercial property flooding and costly damages. Drainage systems can also reduce soil erosion, which can further damage the health of the commercial grass, trees, and plants, explains LMC Houston.

Tree pruning.

As we’ve mentioned in a previous article, pruning trees plays a proactive part in securing personal and commercial property. This reduces the number of loose branches that can easily fly off and become a weapon during a hurricane, and it also improves the health of the tree. From window shattering to roof punctures, loose branches pose significant threats to businesses.

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