Hurricane Preparation: Securing Windows and Doors

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In our last two posts, we covered the basics of how coastal property owners can protect their homes during hurricane season, including how to reinforce the garage door as it’s the largest entrance to the home. Needless to say, breached windows and doors only make the home more prone to wind and water damage. In this post, we’ll go into detail about how to properly secure them during hurricane season. Most importantly, homeowners can achieve peace of mind with a comprehensive Property Insurance policy.

The damage from one flying rock can shatter a window, and a mere one inch of water can cause thousands of dollars in damage. What’s more, gusting winds can cause pressure to build up in the home, destabilizing roofs and walls. Here’s how to secure them.

  • Hurricane film – This clear film can be easily applied to windows and prevent them from becoming dangerous shards in the event of a hurricane. However, while they can be left on year-round, it won’t help should the excessive force of the wind cause the entire window frame to collapse.
  • Plywood – This inexpensive option can be used to reinforce windows with a bit more sturdiness. Plywood should be measured and cut according to the size of the window and can be done by the homeowner for about $1-$2 per square foot. The downside? Installing them last minute when a storm is approaching.
  • Storm shutters – Roll-up or accordion shutters are permanently attached to a house, which makes them easier to deploy than plywood. All you have to do is pull the shutters into place before a storm. Some shutters use perforation or translucent material to let in light, explains House Logic. However, these are more expensive – running about $10-$50 each.
  • High-impact glass – This option is the most expensive, at $50-$70 per square foot of double glazed glass. However, water can still enter the home through the windows during a flood.

When it comes to the doors, ensure all of them are in good shape, have all of their screws in place, and have at least three hinges to prevent them from swinging open in a storm. If possible, add a deadbolt to exterior doors, as well.

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