How to Protect Your Hard-to-Place Commercial Coastal Property

A coastal property comes with many benefits – gorgeous ocean views and easy proximity to the water, to name a few. However, many coastal properties come with increased risks that can be devastating to property owners. In the case of residential property, homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flood damage or other potential hazards associated with summer storms. The same applies to the average property insurance policy for your commercial property, which makes it ever the more crucial that you supplement your Property Insurance with additional coverage against floods, strong winds, erosion, and mudslides, particularly as summer storm season begins. Ensure that your clients who own commercial property on the coastline understand the prevalent risks and know how to protect themselves, their property, and their clientele.

Protecting Against Coastal Hazards

The most significant risks associated with coastal property are water damage (whether it be from flooding, storm surge, or powerful waves), strong marine wind damage, landslides, and – in the long-term – coastal erosion and flooding from rising ocean levels. In addition to ensuring that their property insurance is supplemented with the right coverage to offset potential coast-related property damage, it is imperative that your clients develop plans to protect those who make use of their commercial operations.

Protecting Their Clientele

While coastal property may be considered “hard-to-place” in the insurance industry, it should not be hard to put emergency preparation plans into place. As commercial property owners have the added responsibility of protecting their clientele and customers in addition to themselves and their building, your clients should compound their property insurance coverage with reinforcements against storms and other coastal issues and property emergency management plans, which all of their clients and customers should be made aware of.

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