How to Adequately Secure Commercial Property

Your client has likely invested enormous amounts of energy, time, and money into their commercial space, so leaving it unsecured could lead to several risky outcomes. As their insurance agent, it’s crucial to be able to make recommendations as to how your client can start to actively mitigate these risks by securing their property as much as possible. To secure commercial property, your client may need a mix of insurance, updated equipment, thorough training procedures, early preparation, and more. Here are some pointers you can give on how to secure commercial property adequately.

Upgrade to the Tailored Security Equipment You Need

A well-equipped property can ward off potential security threats and ensure that safety plans are easy to follow. Though it may be an extra expense on your client’s part, you may want to recommend that they upgrade to tailored security equipment on an as-needed basis. Not all commercial spaces will require the same protections, so which equipment your client chooses may depend on the use of the space, its location, and so on. Some tech and support equipment to consider could be:

  • Security breach alarm systems
  • Manually activated alarms in case of emergency
  • Property fencing and informative signs
  • Stronger information technology walls for the computer systems
  • Video cameras and surveillance

Conduct Regular Risk Assessments and Tailor Training Accordingly

Your clients can’t prepare for threats to their property if they don’t understand what those threats are. For this reason, it’s essential to conduct regular risk assessments to find weak spots. For example, poorly lit areas might need security cameras; stores that sell luxury merchandise might need an alarm system, and so on. Once your client understands these risks, they can tailor their employee training accordingly. It’s important to ensure that all on-site workers are up to speed on security guidelines.

Find Helpful Insurance To Fill In Any Leftover Gaps

Although preparation and high-tech equipment can undoubtedly go a long way in security, there’s always the possibility of an unwanted event occurring regardless. Because of this inherent risk that comes with all property ownership, your clients may find it helpful to purchase insurance that can fill in gaps training and tech can’t cover. The exact policy they need depends on several factors, but having general liability insurance and strong commercial property insurance, at a minimum, is generally recommended.

Although property security might not be at the top of your clients’ checklists after purchasing commercial space, it’s still essential to keep the property as safe as possible. By taking a strategic approach and combining training and other preparation, adequate equipment, thorough insurance, and more, you can give your clients the tools they need for successful property management.

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