How Retail Operations Can Keep Their Premises Safe

If you insure clients that run their retail operations, it’s important to convey to them the importance of safety in the workplace. Making safety a priority is not only essential for keeping employees and customers out of harm’s way and ensuring smooth daily operations, it can also play a key role in calculating risks and insurance premiums as well. Many retail stores have several safety hazards to mitigate that might not seem obvious at first.

Here are some of those hazards, and the advice you can give your clients to help make their retail space as safe as possible.

Conduct Regular Display Inspections and Employee Safety Trainings

To make sure their premises are secure regularly, your clients must often conduct safety inspections and employee training. Depending on your clients’ needs, once a week or once a month could be adequate for ensuring that the space is up to code and doesn’t present hazards to workers or customers. Additionally, employee safety training can help prevent accidents and may give your clients the peace of mind that in case of emergency, their staff knows what to do.

Avoid the Most Common Floor Trip Hazards

One of the most common ways customers get harmed in retail spaces is by tripping and falling over various items that may be taking up floor space. While every store has tables, clothing racks, display boxes, and other similar containers throughout the store, too many items can quickly become a trip hazard. Try suggesting to your clients that they clear up as much floor space as possible, so workers and employees can walk around freely and safely. Some potential safety hazards to look out for can include:

  • Floor displays that are too low
  • Aisles cluttered with merchandise or boxes
  • Low-hanging ceiling displays
  • Exits or access ways blocked by merchandise

Don’t Place Merchandise in Shoddy Shelving or Hard-to-Reach Places

It’s easy for many retail owners to think that maximizing space means stacking merchandise up on tall shelves as much as possible, but if those shelves are too shoddily built or hard-to-reach, customers reaching for those items may end up hurting themselves. In other scenarios, the shelving could even give way and cause further accidents! This could leave the store vulnerable to legal liabilities. Instead, keep only what’s needed in the front of the store and store overstock in the back.

For your clients who run retail operations, safety is of the utmost importance. Not only does mitigating safety hazards make a big difference in protecting employees, customers, and more, it can potentially affect clients’ insurance premiums and risks of experiencing a lawsuit. You can give your retail clients this helpful advice to keep their premises safe and secure every day.

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