How Agents Can Prepare Clients for Winter Flooding

Flooding is typically associated with warm-weather perils like heavy rains and hurricanes. However, when the rain turns to snow, that doesn’t necessarily mean flood risks will lessen for homeowners. Snow, ice and frozen ground can also lead to flooding, and if clients aren’t prepared for that possibility, the results may be costly for them.

Causes of Winter Flooding

There are a number of reasons for winter flooding, but the three most common causes of winter flooding are as follows:

  • Ice Jams: This usually occurs when a long winter cold spell causes the surface of a river to freeze. As the weather warms slightly, the ice on the surface of the river breaks apart into large chunks. As these large chunks of ice flow down the river’s path, they can get caught on fallen trees, boulders, docks, bridges, rocks or other natural or man-made objects, causing a backup that can lead to severe flooding in the immediate area.
  • Rapid Snow Melt: An early spring thaw can rapidly melt heavy snow, producing a significant amount of runoff, while the ground is still hard and frozen. When the runoff can’t penetrate the frozen ground to be absorbed, it flows wherever it can; into lakes, streams, rivers and lowlands. Excess water can then spill over into nearby yards and homes.
  • Coastal Flooding: Just like in warmer weather, winter storms can cause water levels to rise, and high winds can result in storm surges. These can be even worse in the winter time, when the excess water is not able to easily absorb into the ground.

What Can Agents Do to Prepare Clients?

  • Review their policies. At the beginning of each season, review your clients’ policies to ensure they have proper coverage and that no policies have lapsed. If you notice any gaps in their current policies that may be leaving them vulnerable, you can address those with the client before it’s too late.
  • Keep them informed. One of the best things an insurance agent can do to prepare their clients is to just help keep them informed. Engage with clients regularly, through a newsletter, social media channels or even just by emailing them directly. Keep clients updated on current weather conditions in their area as well as any risks associated with those conditions. Not only does this help your clients stay informed and prepared, but it also keeps them engaged and helps open the door for additional insurance services you may be able to provide them.


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