Hotel Hurricane Prep Tips

As of the end of September, only one name remains on the 2020 list of storm names. A storm has to reach a tropical storm level to receive a name, so not all named storms are hurricanes. This far, however, there have been eight, four of which have made landfall in the U.S., many of which have broken records. Here are some essentail hotel hurricane prep tips to reduce loss and exposures.

What Hurricane Season Means for Hotels

The coastal regions of the country remain vulnerable to hurricanes at least through the month of November. These regions are also hot spots for vacationers and snowbirds as cold weather begins to descend across the country.

Hotels located within states that are at risk for hurricanes often become shelters for those who have had to evacuate. Managers and staff of hotels located within hurricane zones need to be prepared for the possibility that a severe storm will strike their area.

Getting Prepared

Insurance agents can advise their clients on steps to take to prepare for hurricane season. The hotel’s hurricane plan should be regularly reviewed and evaluated throughout the season. All staff need to be trained on what to do in the event a hurricane strike is imminent, as well as how to handle an influx of evacuees from hurricane zones. In addition, the following recommendations are advised:

  • Check on insurance coverage: Be sure the hotel’s insurance is up-to-date and provides hurricane damage coverage.
  • Create a checklist: Clients should have a checklist to follow that outlines what to do before a hurricane strikes.
  • Establish a command center: It is important for hotels to establish a communication system for guests and staff during a storm. Be sure your clients understand the need for backup communications in the event the hotel loses power.
  • Maintain an inventory of emergency supplies: The hotel’s stock of emergency supplies needs to be kept full. All supplies should be checked regularly to ensure that they are not out-of-date.
  • Post evacuation procedures: Hurricane evacuation procedures need to be posted around the hotel. Guests should be made aware of the procedures and any transportation needs should be arranged in advance.
  • Plan for food storage: Hurricanes often result in a loss of power. It is important to establish a plan for how to store food in the event the power goes out.
  • Boost Security: Hotels may be exceptionally full, and there may be a heightened level of activity. Guests may also be under a lot of stress. It is often a good idea to post extra security around the hotel to keep guests and the hotel property safe.

Your clients may want to develop a plan for possible recreational activities for guests who could be there a while following a hurricane. In addition, people who are made to evacuate take their pets with them. Hotels should plan for how to provide for people with pets. With some planning, your hotel clients can be well prepared for a hurricane in the event one strikes their area.

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