Ensuring Comprehensive Protection for Hurricane Season

In terms of hurricane intensity, the decade of 1996 to 2005 was one of the most destructive decades in the last century. In that time frame, hurricanes resulted in $198 billion in damage. Since then, government agencies and programs have been created and issued to help businesses and residents in hurricane-prone areas. These programs have been effective but often it is the proactivity and preparedness of individuals that make the real difference when it comes to property damage. To ensure comprehensive protection for hurricane season, it is paramount that you inform your clients on the best actions and steps they can take.

Create a Family/ Business Disaster Plan

Whether your clients are homeowners or own commercial property, they must first and foremost create a disaster plan. This plan should include stocking up on food, water, emergency supplies, writing down emergency phone numbers, and figuring out the location of the nearest shelter.

For a business, the disaster plan should include a business continuity plan. This should cover which parameters qualify for temporary work cancelation or remote work.

Prepare Property

After your clients have prepared themselves, their families, and their employees for a hurricane, they must then prepare their property. When a hurricane is imminent one should clear their yards of any items or objects that could become projectiles, cover up windows and doors, be ready to turn off the power, and adjust the freezer and refrigerator to their lowest possible settings to keep food fresh.

In non-hurricane seasons, your clients can prepare their homes and businesses with such things as reinforcing gabled roofs, creating secondary water barriers in roofs, installing hurricane straps and clips, and mounting hurricane shutters on windows.

Prepare the Car for a Storm

Regularly, residents of hurricane-affected areas have to flee to shelters. Your clients must be sure to have their car full on gas, packed with an emergency kit, and properly maintained.

Similarly, they should consider making plans with friends or family to get a ride. In the instance that your clients will not be using their car, they will need to move all of their vehicles into their garage. When driving, it is paramount that one avoids pools of water, no matter how shallow they may appear.

Meet with an Insurance Advisor

Sometimes, no matter how well your clients may plan, natural disasters can still result in costly damage and business disruption. Encourage your clients to meet with you and review their company’s existing coverage.  

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