Effective Resolutions for Insurance Agents

There’s a strong chance you already follow or have at least heard of the tradition of making resolutions for the New Year. When the clock strikes twelve and the calendar year shifts, it’s popular to envision a new you that accomplishes important personal goals, often ones such as running a marathon, eating healthier, or reading more books. If you already have personal New Year’s resolutions in place, why stop there? As a professional insurance agent, you have the opportunity to accomplish more in your career as well, especially if you set specific, realizable goals ahead of time.

Here are some of the highly effective resolutions you can consider making to help you get ahead in your insurance career this upcoming year.

Sharpen Your Plain-Language Skills

When you work in insurance, you’re so familiarized with the terminology that it can sometimes be easy to forget others don’t necessarily have the same level of jargon knowledge that you do. In the next year, challenge yourself to sharpen up plain-language skills. Hone your ability to take complex insurance policy jargon and translate it into plain English that customers can easily understand.

Resolve To Run Operations More Efficiently

Even if you do a perfect job of explaining a given policy, your customers could still become frustrated if an enrollment, claims, or another process drags on for too long. This next year, you can resolve to run operations as efficiently as possible. You can accomplish this through a targeted combination of:

  • Knowing the policies you advocate for inside and out
  • Cutting out busy work and minimizing distractions
  • Stay goal-oriented

Renew Your Focus on Networking and Consider Adjusting Your Connections

Networking is an essential part of moving up in any industry, but there’s a chance you may have been too busy at the office to get out there and meet other agents. However, talking with those in your industry not only helps broaden your knowledge of the sector but can help establish your professional credibility, too. This year, resolve to network effectively and make meaningful connections. You can even try unique strategies like focusing less on those senior to you and talking more with the younger talent to support each other.

Working as an insurance agent can test you sometimes, so it’s important to have meaningful personal goals set for the New Year to make sure you’re caring for your mental, physical and emotional health. However, another aspect of all-around well being is your professional life, so it may be helpful to set resolutions for your career as well. Even if you’ve never tried this out before, these effective resolutions offer a potentially fruitful place to get started. With these goals in mind, you can resolve to have your best year as an insurance agent yet.

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