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In our previous post, we covered the basics for securing a property before a hurricane. Coastal towns, especially in the southeastern part of the country, are prone to flooding, torrential downpours, wind damage and more. As the garage door is the largest entrance to the home, reinforcing it should be a top priority during this time of year. Share the following information with your clients and secure what is likely their largest investment with a comprehensive Property Insurance policy.

Hurricane-proof garage doors.

Depending on the budget, reinforcing a garage door can be simplistic or a complete transformation. If there is a lot of room in the budget, homeowners can invest in a steel garage door that is meant to withstand high winds (up to 150 miles per hour) and keep out unwanted debris. Check with local codes to determine how strong of a door needs to be purchased depending on the area. For example, House Logic states that in Miami-Dade County of Florida, codes particularly strict, and doors must withstand hurricane-force winds of 150 mph. There are two grades:

  • Impact-resistant garage doors are made with a steel or fiberglass veneer, and are designed to withstand the force of objects hurled against them. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for wind-resistance.
  • Hurricane-proof doors feature an extra-strong steel track system and twist-resistant framework.

This upgrade will cost between $750-$1300. While it’s not cheap, this investment will last a lifetime and provide some peace of mind.

Brace the door with 2×4’s.

Bracing kits are sold at home improvement stores nationwide, and require a bit of effort to install. However, these additional reinforcements prevent the garage door from blowing off or collapsing during high-winds.

For a typical 16-foot garage, professional bracing will cost around $500, unless the homeowner is handy enough to install it on their own. If the garage door has braces from a previous year, ensure all of the screws are tightly fastened.

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