A Detailed Look at Real Estate Consulting

Seasoned veterans in the real estate market often choose to shift their practice to a consulting only position. Real estate consultants offer various services, including a la carte advice, ancillary services such as insurance and market guidance, and packaged offers. Depending on the skill level, knowledge and experience, this can be a lucrative venture. However, as an experienced agent, you know that addressing insurance needs and concerns is the first order of business. For your clients who are contemplating becoming a consultant, share with them the following advice and protect their operation with a Real Estate Consultant Insurance policy.

What are the benefits of a real estate consultant role?

First, this allows plenty of flexibility for the consumer. Often, they just want specific advice on a few aspects rather than help with the entire buying or selling process. If a buyer or seller believes they’re capable of taking over some of the tasks associated with property showings, contract negotiation or anything else, they can elect to pay the real estate consultant only for the services they need.

This can save the buyer or seller significant money, as the true consultant does no work for free, such as free CMAs, free buyer showings, and others. This means that sellers can get lower listing commission costs and buyers can get credits or rebates if they’ve paid for services rendered up to closing, says The Balance.

How it works for sellers.

Sellers can choose to pay listing price upfront, or a portion of them. In return, their listing will be posted with quality photos and videos, and promoted at a price that is fair to market value yet competitive.

How it works for buyers.

For investors or clients that purchase various homes at once, a consultant model works for them in order to pay hourly rates to be shown homes. They can also assist with transaction services which saves time and money for the buyer.

Using this approach, the consultant is paid for all their time/work and the buyer can save money. If paying as they go, the buyer would be credited/rebated the entire buyer side commission at closing, as they’ve already paid for their services.

The logic.

Real estate agents often spend hours completing tasks that don’t prove to be lucrative, such as showing homes to buyers who never purchase, marketing, follow up and more. With the consultant model, these professionals can structure their business on an as-needed basis rather than waste money and resources on unnecessary tasks.

Whether your clients want to make the move into consulting or want to restructure their business, their insurance needs remain the same: they need to be adequately protected. Moving forward into 2018, ensure their entire operation from front to back is secured.

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